1924 Peter Pan, Miniature Record Player in Camera Box

Miniature Wind-Up Gramophone in Camera-Style 1924 Peter Pan, Miniature Record Player in Camera Box


In a Nutshell
The Music You Want - When You Want It. This RCA Victor slogan fits this Peter Pan perfectly - have a look at the youtube video (pict.21) - a great conversation piece - at all times - everywhere you go

In the early 1920's several collapsible miniature record players came on the market (see ref.1), some of which were housed in cases that had the look of a contemporary box camera. Searching for these so-called "cameraphones" is complicated by the existence of a very different device with the same name, a cellphone with built-in camera. I offer here the "Peter Pan Gramophone" and in a parallel sale the Cameraphone , both made in 1924 in Great Britain.
According to ref.1 the Peter Pan has been sold in 1923/25 by the Peter Pan Gramophone Ltd. of Gerrard St. and Frith St., London. It has a Victor-U-joint type tonearm and a reproducer similar to the Victor Exhibition soundbox, with mica diaphragm, marked in red "Peter Pan Gramophone -Trade Mark - British and Foreign Patents Pending". There is a French Ivory label marked '"Peter Pan" Gramophone, Patent Nos. 15825/23 – 705313 - And Add. Worlds Patents Pending'. The motor is made in Switzerland, possibly by Thorens, who made also the motors for Plaza Music Company's Kompact cameraphone. The mini-horn is spring-loaded and pops out, once the box is opened.

Additional information:
ref.1: http://www.capsnews.org/apn2007-6.htm
ref.2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nWZFagpwz0

About my cameraphone:

The unit has been thoroughly cleaned and in-depth serviced. The leatherette covered cabinet has no cracks, chips or major scratches. The chrome fittings as well as the tonearm are rust-free. The gramophone plays loud and clear, with some loss in the bass range, as expected. Watch a youtube video with the Peter Pan playing Glenn Miller's "Sun Valley Jump - Fox Trot". Please e-mail me (Kris) for any questions, ich spreche Deutsch, je parle Fran├žais.

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Here are the specifications:

Technical Description of Item
Manufacturer Peter Pan Gramophone Ltd., London, England
Model Peter Pan Gramophone
Type Miniature player for 78 rpm records
Production Year 1924
Cabinet Black leatherette covered wood, camera-box shape with chrome fittings
Reproducer Victrola-type "Peter Pan Gramophone", mica diaphragm
Tonearm Chrome, clicked onto top of mini-horn
Motor Single spring motor, made in Switzerland
Controls On/off screw, speed regulating screw
Dimensions (WxDxH) 7" x 4½" x 6"
Weight 2.3 kg = 5 lbs
Comment Very nice, original and working condition

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