Private Radio Phonograph and Gramophone Collection for Sale
My retirement hobby is restoring technical antiques, in particular old tube radios, gramophones, phonographs and TVs. At age of 76 not collecting anything anymore, in order to be able to continue my hobby, and to create the necessary space I need to sell my finished restoration works. Here are the results of another year of hard work.


The following table and slide show lists radios, gramophones, phonographs, TV's, and other technical antiques in no particular order. The objects vary in styles (console, cathedral, tombstone, etc.), materials (wood, catalin, beetle, plaskon, bakelite, plastic, metal, leather, etc.) and years of birth (from 1880 to 2000). That means there is something for everyone who loves musical antiques, or knows someone who does. The collection naturally contains a substantial number of rare radios made in Canada, since I am in Vancouver, Canada. The objects are restored inside and out as softly as possible and as agressively as necessary to get them back to original condition, and all work flawlessly in all their respective functions. For many of the items I finished writing detailed documentation and restoration reports, including youtube video footages (click on "Details" in first column of the table below), the other documentations will be added one by one. For all items I have already taken many pictures (click on "Slides" in first column or request more pictures ("pix av.") to be sent to you). Please check back for updates to the list, including new and sold items. Please e-mail ( me or phone me at (1) 604-688-9654 (ask for Kris), to ask questions, ask for more photos, make a viewing appointment, make me an offer, or buy an item. Ich spreche Deutsch, je parle Français.
I take all forms of payment including Paypal and as former EBay seller with 100% positive feedback I know how to ship safely to anywhere in the world. I do not charge for handling. One letter (this was for a Space Age Bubble Stereo on Tulip Pedestal with Speakers) may stand for the hundreds I got from happy customers.

Julie wrote:
Just wanted to thank you for the Electrohome Circa 711. The care you took in properly packaging it is greatly appreciated – it arrived in perfect order. We are thrilled with our purchase and enjoying this cool piece. Thanks Julie
I also buy unrestored radios, gramophones, and phonographs, help you assess their commercial value, and - in selected cases - offer repair service and parts supply.

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Number List of Items ("Details" has documentations and "Slides" has more pictures) Wish Price
Details Year Manufacturer Model Description Material US$
   1 Details 1931 Westinghouse 801 "Columaire" Grandmother Clock Radio Walnut SOLD
   2 Details 1940 Westinghouse 780 "Christmas Story" SW Console Multitone wood SOLD
   3 Details 1931 General Electric S-22 "Junior" Superhet Tombstone Wood 349.-
   4  pix av. 1931 Rogers Majestic 706 Chassis R-551 Regenerative TRF Cathedral Wood 299.-
   5 Details 1935 Canadian Sparton 255A 3-Band Table Radio Wood 399.-
   6 Details 1946 Stromberg Carlson 752 AM/SW Radio in "Dynatomic" Design Wood, Metal SOLD
   7 Details 1939 RCA Victor A-20 John Vassos "Globetrotter" Wood SOLD
   8 Details 1940 General Electric CJM3 Teardrop Record Player Bakelite SOLD
   9 Details 1963 Philips B5X34A "Bi-ampli" All Wave (FM) Stereo Receiver Wood SOLD
 10 Details 1958 Philips B4C87A All Wave (FM) Table Receiver Wood SOLD
 11 Details 1948 Stromberg Carlson 872H Early Permeability Tuned FM Radio Bakelite SOLD
 12 Details 1959 Loewe Opta 5700 Fonovox Export Model "Kobold" Bakelite SOLD
 13  pix av. 1940 Can. Gen. Electric JK-52 Little Nipper Compact Radio Bakelite 99.-
 14  pix av. 1939 Westinghouse 555 Compact 5-Tube radio, like Little Nipper Bakelite SOLD
 15 Details 1941 Can. Mitchell 1260 "Lumitone" Lamp Radio Bakelite 349.-
 16  Slides 1957 Admiral 4H28 4-Tube Beach Radio Styrene SOLD
 17  pix av. 1948 Stromberg Carlson 4061 "Vagabond III" 3-Way Portable Beach Radio Versalite SOLD
 18 Details 1940 Addison 5D "The Courthouse" AM/SW Table Radio Red/alab. Catalin SOLD
 19  pix av. 1951 Can. Gen. Electric 401 Truncated Pyramid Table Radio Bakelite SOLD
 20  pix av. 1987 General Electric 7-4208A "Kitchen Companion" AM/FM Trans. Radio w. LCD Clock Beige Plastic 99.-
 21  pix av. 1961 Standard SR-Q108 Rare AM/SW 9-Trans. Radio in Leather Case Plastic SOLD
 22  pix av. 1983 Sanyo RP-6700 Slim AM/FM Shirt-Pocket Trans. Radio in Case Metal 99.-
 23 Details 1950 Zenith G-500 Transoceanic SW Radio Wood, Leatherette SOLD
 24 Details 1957 Zenith Y-600L Transoceanic SW Radio Wood, Leather SOLD
 25 Details 1961 Zenith R-1000 Transoceanic All-Trans. SW Radio Metal, Leather 299.-
 26  pix av. 1933 Rogers Majestic 911 Chassis R563 AM Superhet Table Radio Wood w. Inlays 299.-
 27 Details 1960 Philco Predicta Continental 4730 Mahogany SOLD
 28 Details 1914 Brunsviga MA Midget "Brunsvigula" Pinwheel Calculator Wood, Metal SOLD
 29 Details 1902 Victor R Royal Front Mount "Pre-dog" Table Gramophone w Horn Oak wood SOLD
 30 Details 1880 Swiss  --- 10 Airs 6" Pinned Cylinder Music Box Wood SOLD
 31 Details 1899 T. A. Edison Standard 4-Clip Squaretop Phonograph w Automatic Attachm. Light oak wood SOLD
 32 Details 1898 T. A. Edison Standard 2-Clip Squaretop Phonograph w "Standard Speaker" Light oak wood SOLD
 33 Details 1920 Pathé Diffusor French Table-top Sapphire Disc Gramophone Wood SOLD
 34 Details 1924 Peter Pan Gram. Ltd. Peter Pan British Miniature Collapsible Gramophone Wood, leatherette299.-
 35 Details 1920 Recordeon Grand Opera Universal Console Crank Phonograph Console Mahogany wood 799.-
 36 Details 1960 Mercantile 501Beaver AM Midget 5-Tube Radio Plaskon SOLD
 37  pix av. 1946 Northern Electric 5110 Canadian "Rainbow" Table Radio Ivory Bakelite SOLD
 38 Details 2000 Grundig 800 Satellit 800 Millennium World Receiver Metal 399.-
 39 Details 1978 Telefunken CR8000 "Bajazzo" All-wave Ghettoblaster Plastic SOLD
 40  pix av. 1988 Emerson ATS-803 Can. Sangean World Receiver Plastic 149.-
 41 Details 1957 Graetz 517K Musica All-wave Radio w. "Schallkompressor" Wood, Tenite, Glass SOLD
 42 Details 1941 Majestic Mastercrafters 921 "Melody Cruiser" Ship Novelty Radio Wood, Metal SOLD
 43 Details 1947 Abbotwares Z477 Brass AM Radio with Horse Sculpture (Anodized) Brass SOLD
 44 Details 1954 Metz Majestic Babyphon Beach Portable Phono-radio Red Leatherette, Wood SOLD
 45 Details 1948 Telechron/GE 8H59 Musalarm First Radio-alarm Clock Mottled Bakelite SOLD
 46 Details 1939 Canadian GE KM-51 AM Table Radio Beetle-plaskon 499.-
 47 Details 1939 Canadian GE KM-51 AM Table Radio Beetle-plaskon 299.-
 48 Details 1936 Telefunken 686WK 3-Wave DeLuxe Table Radio Ebony Wood SOLD
 49  pix av. 1946 Philco 65-I Canadian AM Table Radio Philcote Finish 199.-
 50 Details 1935 DeForest Crosley 81 EARL Table Radio in Knechtel Cabinet Multi-tone Wood 349.-
 51 Details 1939 Zenith 6D-317 World's Fair Special Glass Rod Radio Wood, Tenite, Glass SOLD
 52  pix av. 1947 RCA Victor 54B5 The "Solitaire" Battery Portable Catalin/24K Gold pl. 299.-
 53 Details 1940 Addison 5D "The Courthouse" Table Radio Red/alab. Catalin SOLD
 54 Details 1940 Addison 5D "The Courthouse" table radio Green/alab. Catalin 1799.-
 55  Slides 1946 Dewald A501 The "Harp" in Brown/yellow Brown/alab. Catalin 699.-
 56 Details 1937 Emerson AU-190 Mini-tombstone Radio Butterscotch Catalin SOLD
 57 Details 1946 Bendix 526MC AM Table Radio Green/black Catalin SOLD
 58 Details 1939 Motorola 51X15 The "S-grille" in Black-red Black/Red Catalin SOLD
 59 Details 1944 British ? General Purpose Intercom Catalin SOLD
 60  pix av. 1950 Canadian Marconi 289 AM Table Radio Plaskon and metal SOLD
 61  pix av. 1950 Sparton 50-350 "Football" Table Radio Maroon Styrene SOLD
 62  pix av. 1953 Philips PH-102 SW Farm Radio Bakelite, Lucite 149.-
 63  pix av. 1946 RCA Victor 66X1 Beehive Style AM/SW Table Radio Mottled Bakelite 229.-
 64  pix av. 1957 Philips L3X71T "Sharpie" Philips' 1st All-transistor Ebony Plastic leath'te 149.-
 65 Details 1955 Revere 400 Portable Two-way Radio in Leather Case Metal + Leather 139.-
 66  pix av. 1950 RCA Victor 45-J-2 45 rpm Record Changer Bakelite 199.-
 67  pix av. 1968 Grundig TS-340 L DeLuxe Stereo Reel2reel Recorder Wood, Lucite 349.-
 68 Details 1988 Schneider 8TMT 1050/9 8-Day Cuckoo Music Clock Wood SOLD
 69 Details 1962 Nordmende Samba C Radio-Phono Console Walnut SOLD
 70 Details 1940 Silvertone 5849 Wireless Record Player Brown mootled bakelite SOLD
 71 Details 1941 Emerson FL-414 The Big Six AM Table Radio Ivory Plaskon 139.-
 72 Details 1935 Can.RCA Victor C14-1 Globetrotter Console Radio Multitone wood SOLD
 73 Details 1936 Stromberg Carlson 145-L 10-Tube Console Radio with Acoustical Labyrinth Multitone wood SOLD
 74 Details 1935 Stromberg Carlson 61-U 6-Tube 3-Band SW Tombstone Radio Multitone wood 499.-
 75 Details 1938 Can. Philco 38-C9 SW Table Radio, with Shadowgraph Multitone wood SOLD
 76 Details 1963 Saba Cont. 410US 15-Tube Freiburg Vollautomatic 14 Light wood, plastic SOLD
 77  pix av. 1946 Can. Philco 75 (46-420) Hippo Table Radio Bakelite SOLD
 78  pix av. 1940 Addison L2 Waterfall Baby Addison Bakelite 499.-
 79  Slides 1936 Fada 5F60-V (59) Rare AM table radio with 5F60 chassis Ivory plaskon 149.-
 80  pix av. 1939 Can. Gen. Electric KL-51A Rare AM table radio with KM-51 chassis Wood SOLD
 81  pix av. 1940 Addison L2 Waterfall Baby Addison Factory Painted Bakelite 999.-
 82  pix av. 1951 Northern Electric 5508 Midge, Bullet, Jet-wing Radio Bakelite SOLD
 83  pix av. 1946 General Television 5A5 Rare Turquoise Tenite Version Bakelite Tenite SOLD
 84  pix av. 1953 RCA Victor 2X-61 6-Tube AM/BC Table Radio Bakelite SOLD
 85  pix av. 1951 Can. Crosley D-25 Double Dashboard Alarm Clock Radio Red painted bakelite SOLD
 86  pix av. 1953 Motorola MK-53H4 Atomic Age Jet Dashboard Radio Styrene 249.-
 87  pix av. 1940 Belmont 534 Rare pre-war Rabbit with Autom. Tuning Painted bakelite 299.-
 88  pix av. 1925 Dayton Day-Fan DayCraft 5049 AC converted Battery set with Speaker Wood, bakelite 399.-
 89 Details 1934 Northern Electric 55A Very rare SW Radio in Cradle, all Original Wood SOLD
 90  pix av. 1937 Rogers Majestic 761 (7M632) SW Radio with Autom. Teledial Tuning Wood 399.-
 91  pix av. 1932 His Master's Voice 104 Table Gramophone w. Orthophonic Soundbox 5A Mahogany wood 499.-
 92  pix av. 1917 Victor Victrola VV-IVA Internal Horn Gramophone by Berliner Gram-o-phone Oak wood 399.-
 93  Slides 1920 Edison Amberola 30 4-Minute Cylinder Phonograph Oak wood SOLD
 94  pix av. 1926 Vibroplex Fulton "Original" Autom. key Bug, Serial 98697 Japanned Finish 249.-
 95  pix av. 1931 Brunswick 15 22 32 42 Uni-Selector Armored Chassis with Orig Speaker Chromed metal 249.-
 96  pix av. 1937 Can. Sparton 68 W. D. Teague attrib. Shortwave radio Wood 749.-
 97 Details 1948 Can.GE Telechron 8H67 "Musalarm" Radio-Alarm-Clock Pink-blue-grey Urea SOLD
 98  pix av. 1960 Philco Predicta Continental 4730 No.2 Mahogany SOLD
 99 Details 1933 E. M. Ginn Expert Junior Acoustic gramophone Oak veneer SOLD
100 Details 1972 JVC 3100R Video Capsule TV Radio Combo Plastic SOLD
101 Details 1970 JVC 3240 Videosphere Space Age Helmet TV Styrene plastic SOLD
102 Details 1971 Panasonic TR-005C Orbitel Space Age Flying Saucer TV Plastic SOLD
103 Details 1974 Philco Ford B370EGT/C Space Age Bullet TV in Tangerine Plastic SOLD
104 Details 1975 Sears Roebuck 5019 Space Age TV made by Sanyo Plastic 199.-
105 Details 1940 Westinghouse 780Y Second "Christmas Story" Radio Multitone wood SOLD
106 Details 1937 Silvertone 4666 All-wave table radio Multitone wood SOLD
107 Details 1970 Electrohome Saturn 861U All-purpose record changer Acrylic, aluminum SOLD
108  Slides 1948 Electrohome 300A Radio-phono Side Table Wood 349.-
109  Slides 1937 Northern Electric 921 The Bombay, Console Radio Multi-tone wood 649.-
110 Details 1929 Victor RE-45 Microsynch. TRF with Electrola Burled mahogany 1199.-
111 Details 1928 Victor & RCA VE7-26X Victrola Electrola Console Walnut SOLD
112  Slides 1946 Can. GE C-105 Ivory painted Table Radio Painted wood 149.-
113  pix av. 1946 Can. GE C-418 AM radio with PCB Styrene SOLD
114 Details 1939 RCA Victor A-20 John Vassos "Globetrotter" Wood SOLD
115 Details 1926 Rogers Batteryless R-220 1st AC radio with floor speaker Mahogany 1499.-
116  Slides 1939 Zenith 6-S-321 Stars &Stripes table radio Wood 649.-
117 Details 1940 Hallicrafters SX-28 Super Skyrider All-wave receiver Steel 999.-
118 Details 1912 Edison D Very complete Business Phonograph Japanned metal SOLD
119  pix av. 1914 Can. Berliner VV-VIII Victrola w 2-spring motor Oak SOLD
120 Details 1927 Gram. Co. India HMV 31A Rare Colonial gramophone Teak wood 1999.-
121  Slides 1956 Sony TR-72 1st Jap. Can. Export trans. radio Wood SOLD
122  Slides 1957 Sony TR-74 2nd Jap. 2-band trans. radio Styrene SOLD
123  pix av. 1939 Stewart Warner 13-6P1 AM table radio Wood SOLD
124  Slides 1934 Northern Electric 63A 6-tube SW Child's Console Mahogany 349.-
125  Slides 1935 Stromberg Carlson 83 10-tube SW Carpinchoe Console Multitone wood 449.-
126  Slides 1929 Johnson Talking Mach. Academy Orthophonic Console Gramophone Wood 349.-
127 Details 1912 Edison Opera 4-min Cylinder Phonograph w. Cygnet Horn Mahogany 7999.-
128  Slides 1928 British "RB" Portable Orthophonic Gramophone Faux croco Leatherette SOLD
I also buy phonographs, gramophones, radios and parts

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Dec.01: youtube video 28 added Dec.03: Details 15 added Dec.03: Prices 42, 43 reduced
Dec.07: Prices 23-25 reduced Dec.08: Item 19 SOLD Dec.20: Item 8 SOLD
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Feb.28: Item 70 SOLD Mar.01: Item 32 SOLD Mar.20: Item 37 SOLD
Mar.28: Items 72-80 added Mar.28: Details 31 added Apr.16: Item 12 SOLD
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May.22: Item 85 SOLD Jun.10: Item 27 SOLD Jun.18: Item 33 SOLD
Jun.23: Items 96-98 added Jun.24: Details 89 added Jul.02: Item 89 SOLD
Jul.16: Item 06 SOLD Jul.24: Item 98 SOLD Aug.02: Item 51 SOLD
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Dec.15: Item 107 added Dec.18: Item 103 SOLD Jan.07: Items 14,17,36,45,61,82 SOLD
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Apr.26: Items 108-111 added May.02: Item 80, 42 SOLD Jun.08: Item 112-118 added
Jun.27: Items 99, 111, 118 SOLD Jul.07: Item 56 SOLD Jul.21: Items 119-123 added
Jul.22: Item 123 SOLD Aug.21: Item 119 SOLD Sep.01: Item 124,125 added
Sep.01: Slides 108,109 added Oct.15: Items 21,23,43,102,113 SOLD Dec.02: Items 120 mod., 126-128 added
Dec.04: Items 112-128 updated Jan.22: Items 57,121,114,100 SOLD Feb.04: Items 68,128,53,122 SOLD
Mar.19: Items 58, 97, 106 SOLD

One word about my prices. They are what they are: my wish prices - open to debate and counter offers. Please note condition and any and all extras, when comparing prices.

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